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Press Gang - Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently-asked questions (FAQ) is intended as a source of information for Press Gang fans joining the Press Gang Mailing List (PGML).  The aim of this guide is to let you know a bit about the list, tell you some of the things you are probably wanting to know (but afraid to ask) and bring you up to speed a little on what topics we have covered so far.

This FAQ is divided into three basic parts:

Information about the show (this page)

Information about the list

Information about the fans

Note: to avoid giving anything away about the plot to those who have not seen everything, a *SPOILER* sign will be written next to any areas which might ruin surprises - but you'll have to scroll down the page to avoid jumping into the middle of an answer.  If you don't want to know the answer to these questions,  click on the "Skip!" sign next to the question, and your browser should take you safely away from that area.


What is Press Gang?

Press Gang is a television series produced by Richmond Films and Television and shown (in it's first run) on ITV in the United Kingdom between 1989 and 1993.  In these first runs, it was shown at around 4:45pm as part of ITV's children's programming.  The story follows the goings on in the "Junior Gazette", a youth newspaper run by high school students in the fictional city of Norbridge.

There were five series of Press Gang made, totalling 43 episodes of around 24 minutes length:

Information about the episodes in each series is available on the site by clicking on the series numbers above.  

Who were the writers?

All 43 episodes of Press Gang were written by one person:  Steven Moffat, a former teacher who has since gone on to write the series "Chalk".  The original idea for the series came from Bill Moffat (Steven's dad), who was a school headmaster.

Is it available on video?

There was a video cassette available once upon a time- and these are now much sought-after properties, as they are no longer available for purchase. The video contained the episodes

Are there novelisations?

There are four novelisations available, each containing three episodes of the television series.  All of the stories included are from series one and two.  The novelisations were written by Bill Moffat, the man who came up with the original Press Gang concept, and the father of the scriptwriter.

Who was in it?

You can find details about the principal actors here, and a complete cast list in the credits or in Adrian Petford's Press Gang Series Guide.

Are there any fan clubs or websites for the actors in Press Gang?

Absolutely; try:

Julia Sawalha

Gabrielle Anwar

Know of any more?  Mail us to let us know.

Why did they leave?  *SPOILER* Skip!

KENNY (Lee Ross)

JULIE (Lucy Benjamin)

SAM (Gabrielle Anwar)

DANNY (Charlie Creed-Miles)

SARAH (Kelda Holmes)

 When does Press Gang actually happen?

Steven Moffat and the production team went to great lengths to disguise the actual years the story was set in.  For instance, you’ll never see a date anywhere on any Junior Gazette newspaper for that very reason.  Every now and then, there will be clues to the timing of the story, but you have to dig deeply to find them.  Remarkably, this story does not proceed with the normal outlook that one season equals one year of time.  The entire five seasons fit in the time period from September of 1988 to sometime late in 1991.

Therefore:  Series' 1 and 2 run from September 1988 to July of 1989--the lead characters’ final year in school before graduating, series' 3 runs from January through May of 1990, and series' 4 and 5 span the year 1991, with the exception of Bad News, which likely occurs during the middle or later part of 1990.

Where was Press Gang actually shot?

The early years of Press Gang were generally filmed around Uxbridge, Middlesex, England. Which coincidentally was also used to film A Clockwork Orange. The distinctive gazette building while once in existence was demolished in about series 3 or so and replaced with a car park! Most locations were centered around the general center of Uxbridge although in series five locations moved to Twickenham near the studio where the Junior Gazette now lived. Several members of the list have done the tour of the area finding Hercies Street, home of Czars, unfortunately in 1992 the sign had been stolen by a dedicated fan. The Highpoint flats are located on the Ealing to Uxbridge Road.  The Pizza Hut of series two still exists although has apparently been redecorated. For further information pester Adrian Petford who promised to put up a map, on the web , of the main locations from his tour of the region. :-)

This FAQ was compiled by Murray Head, Kevin Nauta, Natacha Tracy and Crystal Arroyo.  With thanks to the entire PGML for info included above.

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