Press Gang

The Characters

Here's a brief summary of the regular cast through the five seasons of Press Gang (click the pictures to magnify).

Lynda Day

Julia Sawalha

Lynda Day was the abrasive editor of the Junior Gazette. Totally committed to the paper, her on/off relationship with Spike Thomson was the focus of the entire series. "They needed an industrial laser to pierce her ears..."

Julia Sawalha has also found TV success in classic BBC drama such as Martin Chuzzlewit and Pride and Prejudice, and in the comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, and Second Thoughts and it's spinoff Faith in the Future.

Spike Thomson

Dexter Fletcher

The wise-cracking American, Spike was never seen without a pair of sunglasses. He was forced to join the Junior Gazette to avoid being expelled from school. "I looked in the mirror today, I was looking so great it just gave up"

Dexter Fletcher has had many film, television and theatre roles, and is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Kenny Phillips

Lee Ross

As assistant editor, easy-going nice guy Kenny is the calming influence who stopped Lynda from killing anybody. "I'm so nice, teddy bears just sneer at me."

Kenny was played by Lee Ross, who is currently appearing in Metroland.

Julie Craig

Lucy Benjamin

Julie was the head of the graphics team when the Junior Gazette started; she later returned to replace Kenny as assistant editor. She was the pin-up at the last riot at Norbridge prison.

Lucy Benjamin's first TV appearance was in Doctor Who.

Sarah Jackson

Kelda Holmes

The Junior Gazette's top writer, Sarah's regular attempts to leave the paper to further her education at University have always been thwarted by Lynda's dirty and underhand tricks.

Sarah was played by Kelda Holmes.

Frazz Davies

Mmoloki Chrystie

Like Spike, easy-going Frazz was given one last chance at the Junior Gazette - he found fame writing the horoscopes. Frazz was often caught up in Colin's schemes.

Mmoloki Chrystie was in Grange Hill episodes from 1984 to 1986.

Sam Black

Gabrielle Anwar

Sam was in charge of the graphics team during the second series, and she often used her model looks to her best advantage.

Gabrielle Anwar's first notable TV appearance was in the BBC series First Born. Since her year in Press Gang she has appeared in Hollywood films such as Scent of a Woman and Teen Agent.

Colin Mathews

Paul Reynolds

Colin was the financial brain behind the Junior Gazette. After a few initial cashflow problems he turned the Gazette into a financial success. Colin also instigated many disastrous money-making schemes.

Paul Reynolds has often been seen on British TV - he has a major role in The Ghostbusters of East Finchley, and he played Chris Craig on the big screen in Let Him Have It.

Danny McColl

Danny was the Junior Gazette photographer in the first series.

Charlie Creed-Miles starred alongside Julia Sawalha in Faith in the Future.


So named because of her diminutive size, Tiddler was responsible for ensuring that the Junior Gazette's younger audience had something to read about. "Tiddler! Stand up! Sorry, you're still not tall."

Tiddler was played by Joanna Dukes.

Matt Kerr

As the editor of the senior newspaper, The Gazette, Matt Kerr was responsible for creating the Junior Gazette.

Clive Wood was DCI Wray in The Bill, and is Firefighter Jack Morgan in London's Burning.

Mr Sullivan

As Lynda's English teacher, and Norbridge High's deputy headmaster, Mr Sullivan was also responsible for creating the Junior Gazette and often found himself sticking up for the team in controversial circumstances.

Nick Stringer was also in The Bill: as community policeman Ron Smollett.

Billy Homer

Tetraplegic since an encounter with a bus, Billy began his Junior Gazette career as a writer of TV reviews. Despite his lack of mobility, Billy often proved himself a valuable asset to the Junior Gazette.

The makers of Press Gang were praised for hiring real-life tetraplegic Andy Crowe to play this role.

Sophie and Laura

Young Sophie and Laura did a feature about the Junior Gazette for the school magazine. They were often hired by Colin to assist in his money-making schemes.

Sophie was played by Rosie Marcel who has appeared in Children's BBC dramas, and Laura was played by Claire Hearnden.