Mr. Butch Send Off
Allston - July 22, 2007

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It's interesting that a man who had no real home made so many of us feel "at home" and welcome in the city. And he seemed to do it with just a smile, a hug, a joke, a few minutes spent. Is that all it takes really? If so, why does it happen so infrequently and then so remarkably? I'll leave these questions for Rev. Hank to help us answer...

I remember Mr. Butch from Kenmore; old Kenmore; how Kenmore has changed! And now all these tributes and emails and news articles have made the city seem suddenly small and weird and friendly again. I do hope Mr. Butch's family finds some measure of comfort in all these fond memories of ours of the Mayor of Kenmore and Allston.

RIP Mr. Butch.

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